Founder & CEO of ZeroCater. Early employee at Twitch. Technological optimist. Total Ravenclaw. Lives in San Francisco. Pronounced Āh-rām. @arram


I wrote the story of how ZeroCater got started here.

In 2015 we announced surpassing $100m total sales. I also gave a talk at HustleCon about how things go very wrong for most startups and the importance of not getting discouraged.

In 2016 some friends and I started The Archive -  a communal living house with ten residents. 

In 2017 I invested in Longevity Fund, which invests in early stage biotech companies working on increasing human healthspan.


Funny Stuff That's Happened to Me

  • I took a photo that may now be one of the most reproduced images in history.
  • I once came up with an idea with a friend that became a national TV ad featuring Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams, Usher, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.
  • I once crashed a fashion show, pretended to be a model, and walked on-stage as dozens of photographers snapped pictures of me.
  • I was paid in whiskey for a live harmonica performance at a jazz bar in Tokyo. I don't play harmonica particularly well.
  • I DJ’d for Chamillionaire. I don’t know how to DJ.
  • I was yelled at for five minutes by the founder of Skye Vodka for taking his favorite table at a restaurant.
  • I've discovered and excavated dinosaur bones in the Montana badlands.
  • I was (very incidentally) mentioned in a New Yorker article on Silicon Valley's Quest to Live Forever.

Favorite essays and videos

The Most Important Graph in the World